I, with me, carry many things,  I would like to do at some point of time in my life. I would like to do innumerous things in spare time (which I am always short of). The order of following items in the list is immaterial. Following are some of them:

  1. Study something about Pyramids and Egypt in General I know that ‘The Great Pyramid Decoded by Peter Lemesurier’ is a recommended reading. What is left is – to read this book.
  2. Read European History in brief – Haven’t done anything for this
  3. Also study various eras in Indian History Romila Thapar has a book titiled A History of India : Vol. I.
  4. Build one electronic equipment. It can be as simple as Water Level Meter or Remote Controller for TubeLight. I have talked to a few people and everybody tells me to get a raw technical book (with mechanical approach) on this and start reading. Lets hope I find some time for this. I don’t know when will I do this is.
  5. Make my personal website extensive and full of content on my life, friends, family, surroundings and My father’s collection of Old Photographs. I also want to put my family tree on the site. I have my grandfather’s diary which List Nine Generations of our Family. Have already started it.
  6. Travel & Photograph a lot
  7. Study Astrology
  8. Read Vedas or may be Upnishads (they contain the main extracts of vedas)
  9. To study Genetics – an interesting subject.

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