Some good visualizations

The Billion Dollar-o-gram

Very beautiful and useful representation of Data:

You realize the quantum of money spent on various things only after looking at the above.
* How small are technology contributions of goodle and apple when compared to the US Defence budget
* Comparing war expenses with money spent on medical also tells us to sit back and realize what are we upto
* Compare Bill Gates with walmart revenue

Many more questions can be answered from here. Can I see this for India?

Beauty is everywhere

Everyone serves some purpose and that what this visualization shows.  Amazing view of somebody to show who is good at what. Sad to see the marking for India but nonetheless this is a great view to see. Watch out:



Environment has a lot to do with CO2 levels. Every action, every event, every person, everything emits a certain amount of carbon. This interactive visualization examines some of those scenarios. Play around to learn some interesting and surprising information about how much carbon is released during various activities.





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